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This article was seen in the MetroXpress – Copenhagen. The big gown on the picture is from Black No 1, Studiestraede 3, Copenhagen.

Around first World War it was quite normal for women to get married in black wedding dress in Denmark.
I told the newspaper how I several times a year are selling black dresses for weddings. How those who choose to get married in black, do it because they have a desire for it, and it is neither to seem provocative or seek attention.

I salute the black wedding dress, they how have the courage to wear it for their wedding, and the newspaper and Journalist Bo Weile for bringing this wonderful article.


Black Veil Brides – Look

Get an idea for how you can put together your wardrobe
- so you get this style. Get inspired.
Items all seen in Black No 1, Copenhagen.


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Fake Fur Jacket
Fake Fur Jacket.
Seen in Black No 1, Copenhagen.